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Copyright Notice

© STUDIO GALLERY GROUP - All Rights Reserved. Copyright to all material and/or works of art comprising or contained within this website is held by Studio Gallery Group and/or other Artists/copyright holders. It is prohibited to reproduce, modify, adapt or otherwise use any of the images or information in any manner or form without the express written consent of the copyright holders. For further information or reproduction requests please use the contact form on the info page. Works on our website for lease may not be used for branding purposes unless express permission is sought from Studio Gallery Group and granted. 


Privacy Policy

We have committed ourselves to protecting your privacy. We use the information gathered to process payment and dispatch goods. Studio Gallery Group will not sell its database of customer details or details about customers to a third party. Any and all the information collected on this website will be kept strictly confidential and will not be sold, reused, rented, disclosed, or loaned. We respect the right of users to remain anonymous and will endeavor not to knowingly disclose user identities unless directed by a court of law.



©MICA GALLERY 保留所有权利。由本网站组成或包含于本网站的所有材料及/或艺术作品的版权由艺廊集团及/或其他艺术家/版权持有人持有。未经版权持有人明确书面同意,禁止以任何方式或形式复制、修改、改编或以其他方式使用任何图像或信息。欲了解更多信息或复制请求,请使用信息页上的联系表格。除非获得工作室画廊集团的明确许可,否则不得将我们网站上的作品、渲染作品等用于个人或任何团体商业宣传或品牌推广,一经发现MICA GALLERY将依法追究其法律责任并要求经济赔偿。



我们承诺保护您的隐私。我们使用收集到的信息来处理付款和发货。MICA Gallery不会将其客户详细信息数据库或有关客户的详细信息出售给第三方。本网站收集的所有资料将严格保密,不得出售、重复使用、出租、披露或出借。我们尊重用户保持匿名的权利,并将努力不故意披露用户身份,除非法院指示。

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