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Custom artwork: This service will provide customized artwork services according to one’s preferences and needs. For example, one’s favorite theme, color, style and other requirements will be taken into consideration and the gallery will arrange artists to create the corresponding artwork.


Art rental: Besides purchasing art, one can also choose to rent art. This service is suitable for those who need to decorate a space for a short term, such as holding an event, short-term rental housing and other scenarios.


Art curation: Professional art curation services are provided to assist in selecting and matching artwork according to one’s preferences and space needs.


Online and offline activities: Hold online and offline activities related to art, such as art exhibitions, lectures, salons, etc., to provide subscribers with more opportunities to communicate and learn about art.


Art Care and Maintenance: Art care and maintenance services are provided, including regular cleaning, damage repair, etc., to ensure that the artwork is always in good condition.


Art appraisal and valuation: Provide art appraisal and valuation services to help users understand the value and market conditions of their collections.


Art transaction support: Assist with art sales, provide transaction consultations, arrange logistics and transportation, and handle relevant procedures and other services.

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