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    MICA Gallery的准则是建立一个包容的,有抱负的,渴望陌生的,拥抱变化,永远进步的艺术平台。同时,我们欢迎全球的艺术画廊和艺术经纪人入驻我们的平台,共享我们的资源和服务,共同打造一个全球化的艺术交易交流平台。我们的目标是通过共享经济模式,让更多人享受到艺术带来的美好,让艺术更加普及化。我们相信,通过共享经济的力量,我们可以为艺术家和艺术爱好者创造更多的机会和价值,让艺术成为更加包容和共享的文化。


    Our space is committed to creating an international online art platform. Our services include selecting our very best artists to promote and exhibit their art work to the global market. For our artists we offer online art purchasing and global art promotion services through all the most popular social medias. In addition to the online art platform, we also offer our collaborating artists connections with our selected offline art galleries to hold solo or group exhibitions and attend global art events. Our online platform is both a nation-wide and global digital art gallery space that adheres to the current social and environmental policies.

    MICA Gallery is defined as an art platform that values inclusivity, aspires for greatness, welcomes the unfamiliar, embraces change, and is ever evolving and progressive. We welcome art galleries and art dealers from all over the world to join us and share our resources and services. Our goal is to jointly create an online global art trading community platform through our sharing of resources and collaboration. We want more people to enjoy and appreciate good art. We believe that through our platform we can offer more opportunities and value which will build bridges between artists and art lovers, thus making art become more widely appreciated.

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